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With the era of the internet steam rolling anything in its path, it is a great idea to become a freelancer, make your own product and outsource them. You will not only be able to utilize your skills but furthermore, you have the ability to be your own boss.

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"$80,000 in my bank account"

Hi, my name is Adeel Jabbar. I am a WordPress and Shopify developer at BloggerBrackets. I am appointed as a leader in my field and I am leading the team efficiently. Talking about journey with BloggerBrackets, which was amazing throughout a year. In last one year BloggerBrackets experts paid a brief attention on me to make me able to deal with all the wordpress and shopify skills. I will like to tell you that I am earning good with their help and attention. BloggerBrackets provided me the environment of learning in this way that i am able to train and run a team in my field. I will suggest and recommend all to come and learn because it is worth learning in BloggerBrackets. I am delighted and honoured to work with BloggerBrackets and I am working on the same motto of BloggerBrackets, "Give best, Take Best".

Adeel Jabbar

"$80,000 in my bank account"

Usually, In Pakistan, there is always a lake of misguidance or lack of information in almost every field. The same goes for the online market. I started my freelancing career at home but didn't find even a single client for almost 2 years, I was demotivated and left this field because no one is here to guide me. Long story short, I joined Blogger Brackets, and within 2,3 weeks I realize that this is the place I am finding for years. Professional work with a friendly environment is the best thing here. Now I am growing day by day and leading the designer's team.

Rahat Ali

"$80,000 in my bank account"

I completed Blogger Brackets Digital Marketing Course last year and leave my 9 to 5 job to enter the digital world. I would say it was a tremendous experience in my life. All the admins are good appreciatable. I will recommend everyone to join this course it's a need of the modern world. Thanks, Blogger Brackets for bringing a big change in my life.

Shehroz Danish

What You Will Learn In This Course ?

What is an online business?
⦁ How Online Bussiness Work?
⦁ What are the Popular online Bussiness?
⦁ What Is Freelancing?
⦁ Freelancing Platforms?
⦁ What is Blogging?
⦁ How to Earn With Blogs?
⦁ What is Vlogging?
⦁ How to Earn With Vlogging?
⦁ What is Affiliate Marketing?
⦁ What is E-mail Marketing?
⦁ What is Network marketing?
And Many More….!!!
  • Basics of Freelancing
  • Freelancing Platforms and Types
  • Choosing the Best Platforms to Start
  • Fiverr Introduction
  • Platform Analysis
  • Fiverr Profile Creation
  • Fiverr Dashboard Overview
  • Keyword Rsearch for Gigs
  • Gigs Creation on Fiverr Profile
  • Gig Ranking Discussions
  • Getting gig orders and reviews methods
  • Some Important Tools
  • Orders Delivery on Fiverr
  • Do and Don’t On fiverr
  • Fiverr Level System
  • Conclusio and Final Quiz
  • Communicate – Be Responsive
  • Utilize Quick Responses
  • Understanding the Requirments
  • Quote like a professional – Time frame and Cost
  • Understanding Buyer Mentality
  • Upwork Introduction
  • Upwork Analysis
  • Upwork Profile Creation
  • Disapproved Profile Approval
  • Upwork Dashboard Overview
  • Complete Profile Setting
  • Writing Winning Proposal
  • Upwork Job Hunting
  • Getting Reviews From Clients methods
  • Upwork Direct Contracts
  • Some Important Tools
  • Orders Delivery on Upwork
  • Final Words and Quiz
  • Getting Order from Facebook, Quora and Other Social Media Platform
  • Earn Free Money Withour Doing Nothing
  • Invest in Your Self
  • Outsourcing Method / Techniques
  • Creating the Environment You Need to Succeed
  • Dos & Don’ts


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FAQs - Any niggling Questions on your mind?

Every successful Freelancer was once a newbie so If I say No! I must be lying.

This course is specially designed keeping you in mind. A person even doesn’t know what is a Freelancing or Online Earning can become a pro after completing entire course. Guaranteed!

All the sessions are will be live on Zoom according to shedule

The best part the training, Each lecture will be record and sessions is that you can revisit any video anytime/anywhere.

Plus, wherever you get stuck, you always have the option of watching the session again & again.

As long as you register for the course, you will get the access right at the moment and will have it for the lifetime.

No, you can’t share it with your friends , family member or anyone. This act  will cause direct ban to your access without any warning. Its better not to put your career at risk.

The very first question that arises in every newbie mind. As a matter of fact you have to bear the Course fee, that’s enough! if you can afford further investment on getting it then that will be a fantastic job as it will lessen the time for your work.

However, on the other hand, doing each part yourself just because you can’t handle the extra budget will help you out to learn other things but can take a little more time.

In the start you have to plan a complete strategy, which will be shared with you in this course. Just you have to follow it. Assignments will be given to you after each module. This can make you set the work required per day.

Indeed, this course’s strategy and secret hacks collaboratively lead to earn more than $1000 a month.

It all depends upon how you follow this course, with what dedication and how much goal.

This course includes complete secret hacks acquired by me. I am generating $2k to $3k per month. So how can you not? Infact you can earn more than me. The entire course is structured to give you long time support, access and success. Better to stick around what is going to be taught and try your best in implementing it.

I guarantee, adopting the tactics taught in this course will never let your account go empty. So keep your expectations high, you will definitely achieve them.

Yes, you can have this facility if you go for the feedback funnel of this course where I will provide personal consultancy of 1-1 call with complete support to address the issues in your account once in a month. Plus, your account’s problems can be solved by asking them in the group.