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With the era of the internet steam rolling anything in its path, it is a great idea to become a freelancer, make your own product and outsource them. You will not only be able to utilize your skills but furthermore, you have the ability to be your own boss.

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What You Will Learn In This Course ?

You will learn the foundations and processes of Digital Marketing so all your questions and basics are 100% Crystal Clear. 

You will learn how to run profitable Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns. So if you spend $1 on Facebook/Instagram, you get a profit of $2. You will also learn Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn ads as well

You will learn how to run profitable YouTube ad campaigns, Ad words search campaigns, shopping campaigns and Bing ad campaigns. So if you spend $1 on Ad words, you get a ROI of $2. 

You will learn how to run and create banner advertisements on millions of websites like olx, hamariweb, jang.com.pk, express news etc.

You will learn how to create perfect marketing strategy for your mobile app on IOS or play store. 

You will learn how to properly analyze which pages on your website are losing sales and money. So you can adjust the loopholes and grow your business.

You will learn how to you runs profitable email marketing campaigns. Email is one of the highest money-generator still now. Learn how to run email automation campaigns. 

You will learn how to start a successful, profit generating online store. Making sure that you never have to worry about making sales and money from your online store. 

You will learn how to run campaigns that generate you sales and cash even while you sleep with the power of sales funnels. 

You will learn how to formulate proper online advertising strategy so you never have to worry about making guessing when creating online ad campaigns.

How to rank your website on top of Google Search engine results page. So if anyone searches about your business on Google, you should be on the first page

You will learn how to find clients so you can start selling your digital marketing services and start making money!

Bonus #1 – Get Trained and Mentored by CEOs and Managers of Digital Marketing Agencies

Bonus #2 – Get Lifetime Access to Live Lecture

Bonus #3 – Get Prepared For Google & Facebook Certificates


Bonus #4 – FREE Lifetime Re-enrollment



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FAQs - Any niggling Questions on your mind?

Every successful Freelancer was once a newbie so If I say No! I must be lying.

This course is specially designed keeping you in mind. A person even doesn’t know what is a Freelancing or Online Earning can become a pro after completing entire course. Guaranteed!

All the sessions are will be live on Zoom according to shedule

The best part the training, Each lecture will be record and sessions is that you can revisit any video anytime/anywhere.

Plus, wherever you get stuck, you always have the option of watching the session again & again.

As long as you register for the course, you will get the access right at the moment and will have it for the lifetime.

No, you can’t share it with your friends , family member or anyone. This act  will cause direct ban to your access without any warning. Its better not to put your career at risk.

The very first question that arises in every newbie mind. As a matter of fact you have to bear the Course fee, that’s enough! if you can afford further investment on getting it then that will be a fantastic job as it will lessen the time for your work.

However, on the other hand, doing each part yourself just because you can’t handle the extra budget will help you out to learn other things but can take a little more time.

In the start you have to plan a complete strategy, which will be shared with you in this course. Just you have to follow it. Assignments will be given to you after each module. This can make you set the work required per day.

Indeed, this course’s strategy and secret hacks collaboratively lead to earn more than $1000 a month.

It all depends upon how you follow this course, with what dedication and how much goal.

This course includes complete secret hacks acquired by me. I am generating $2k to $3k per month. So how can you not? Infact you can earn more than me. The entire course is structured to give you long time support, access and success. Better to stick around what is going to be taught and try your best in implementing it.

I guarantee, adopting the tactics taught in this course will never let your account go empty. So keep your expectations high, you will definitely achieve them.

Yes, you can have this facility if you go for the feedback funnel of this course where I will provide personal consultancy of 1-1 call with complete support to address the issues in your account once in a month. Plus, your account’s problems can be solved by asking them in the group.